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Our Companies

We are a business and investment platform oriented towards positive socio-environmental impact.

We’re organized in 4 facilities with complementary strategic functions. Through these businesses, we accelerate the transition to a more conscious capitalism in Brazil. Meet each one: 

Purpose: To develop young leaders in an inclusive way. 

Problem addressed: Access to networks and human skills for marginalized youth

Value proposition: Development programs and community building for marginalized audiences to promote career change and social impact

Purpose: To evolve the way of doing business in order to evolve society.

Addressed issue: Work engagement and productivity

Value proposition: To achieve results by transforming interpersonal relationships and cultural behaviors as well as building conscious management structures.

Purpose: To curate content to heal businesses.

Addressed issue: Leadership’s references in order to promote their careers and companies, increasing performance and generating positive impact.

Value proposition: For people, to deliver high quality content, through strong brands embodied with the values ​​we stand for. For companies, to allow access to a qualified audience, enhancing the quality and credibility in their communication. 

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