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Our Portfolio

We have a growing portfolio of investee companies that contribute to causes linked to SDGs 10 (reduce inequalities) and 13 (climate action). Find out more:


Purpose: To create a smooth transition between finishing studies and entering the labor  market

Problem addressed: Employability of Brazilian youth

Value proposition: Democratize access to development and training opportunities for young people, facilitating their entry and permanence in the labor market through youth branding, education, selection and development programs. 

Purpose: To elevate student’s writing capability and quality through an AI technology

Problem Addressed: Brazilian student’s deficits when writing essays and the lack of access to tools/programs that improve performance in assessments.  

Value proposition: A platform with an artificial intelligence and a method for correcting ENEM essays, college entrance exams and public tenders. Within a few months, the platform is able to improve the grades of any student who uses it, allied with the monitoring of the best trained and certified specialists in Brazil.

Purpose: To scale social impact.

Problem Addressed: Lack of reliable data to leverage pottencial investments through incentive-based budget.

Value proposition: A platform that unites similar sponsors and proponents through data intelligence.

Purpose: Mais 60 Saúde aims to provide care, promoting better health conditions for the elderly. Our goal is to improve the elderly’s life quality. 

Problem Addressed: The inversion of the age pyramid will require better care conditions for the elderly public as well as specialized professionals for this public

Value proposition: Health management focused on the elderly, by acting with model clinics and digital platforms that deliver humanized and end-to-end integrated care

Purpose: Teach to transform.

Problem Addressed: Income generation, inclusion and mental health

Value proposition: To provide technical training in manual activities at affordable prices so our students can improve their skills whilst being able to regain their investment by selling the products they’ve learnt during the course. 

Purpose: To deliver data intelligence to drive the New Economy.

Problem Addressed: Lack of data and assessments that allow organizations to evolve towards more conscious business and management models

Value proposition: We measure and monitor the evolution of business around the world. Our research reveals that organizations that operate at higher levels of management maturity have much higher results, even when going through periods or contexts of crisis (governance, environmental, social and economic). 

Purpose: To create opportunities to transform lives.

Problem Addressed: Housing deficit in Brazil

Value proposition: To develop and build high quality real estate projects, with low socio-environmental impact at affordable prices for the less favored classes of society

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