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We develop and invest in businesses aimed at generating a positive socio-environmental impact, contributing to a socially fair, environmentally regenerative and financially prosperous economy for all people.

About us

Our timeline

We are made of stories. These stories tell us about what we’ve learnt, all we’ve celebrated and give us hope to trace a path that’s only in the beginning.  


The Mural do Coach is born

A blog about human development that produced content and worked on various projects within organizations inside and outside Brazil.



Mural do Coach acquired Eureca

Acquisition of Eureca, a business recognized for its youth-centricity in recruitment and selection of young talents.



The Anga Group is born

A Holding is created to accommodate Mural do Coach, Eureca and the future businesses that would emerge within this new ecosystem.



TRIBO is born

Due to a deep study in the area of purpose, vision and products, Mural do Coach transforms itself into Tribo, a business dedicated to purposeful cultural programs and training journeys for conscientious leaderships. 



08 is born

At the end of 2017, the Anga Group created an internal circle focused on technology and innovation to help meet the demands of the Group. In 2018, we understand that this facility could serve companies outside the group, so 08 is born.  It’s created with the aim of helping companies start a people-centered digital transformation journey. 

We take MIT Sloan Management Review Brazil’s license 

In order to support leaders to access abundance through business, we acquired the MIT Sloan Management Review Brazil, which brings together a network of national and international academics and executives. Our goal is to support leaders in leading and innovating in a digital world.

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Publishing company Qura Editora was born and acquired HSM Management’s license

We took over the editing of another business reference magazine: HSM Management. We then created the publishing company Qura Editora, which is responsible for bringing content intelligence to the group through the two magazines we edit.

The Anga Institute is born

We created our own institute.  We know there is an increasing need for conscientious leadership in conscious businesses, so our role in the Anga Institute is to train these leaders of the future.

Logo Qura com tag-07.png


Anga Capital is born

With the vision of enhancing performance and positive socio-environmental impact, we created Anga Capital. It combines the expertise of our 4 previous facilities with knowledge in capital mobilization and investment in growth and development of conscious companies.

Tribo incorporates Apoena and 08

Apoena is merged with Tribo,  incorporating more than 20 years of experience in the corporate human development market. In addition, 08 joins the Tribo portfolio, adding to the portfolio of Conscious Innovation solutions.


The Anga Group converges with Din4mo

Focussing in development operations and investments in startups oriented towards Din4mo's positive socio-environmental impact, we started an important alliance between Anga and Din4mo that raised our strategic vision and enabled a significant expansion of the startup portfolio through co-investments.


We commit to SDGs 10 and 13One of the biggest socio-environmental challenges expected for Brazil’s future is climate justice: the combination of intense climate change with socioeconomic inequalities. We understand this is caused by the way we live, consume, invest, do business and lead society as a whole. So, we decided to act. Anga Group starts to focus on consciousness transformation for leaders. We expand their view to see businessess's impact  and the effects of the economy on people and the planet.


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