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We’re a business group that unites people with an entrepreneurial posture and aims to contribute to building a conscious capitalism through the fair distribution of autonomy, responsibility and capital. We’re sure that this reality is possible because we believe EVERYBODY CAN LEAD.

Vagas abertas
Open opportunities
About the selection process

Culture talk

A moment where we talk about our culture and what we believe in, as well as get to know you more, beyond your professional life. 


Role talk

Time to talk about the technical part such as the functions of the role, your professional experiences and a space where you can ask questions about the role you’re pursuing.


Leadership talk

Final moment where the leaders get to know you and vice versa and a final opportunity to clear up any doubts that you may have left.

Not necessarily you will go through the 3 talks. We are responsible for providing feedback if we realize that it makes no sense to proceed to the next step. We invite you to do the same if you perceive the role in the Group no longer makes sense in your trajectory. 

what we offer

Market compatible wage (PJ) 

Home office

Benefits with a flexible use through a Flash credit card

Parental leave

Day off

Corporative education

Paid vacation

Relaxed and dynamic atmosphere

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
in Grupo Anga

The commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, especially in matters related to gender and race, is a strategic priority in Anga Group.

Since 2018, the group has taken an active internal posture on gender diversity issues. Today we already see some advances: we have an ecosystem of 4 organizations (Eureca, Tribo, Qura and Instituto Anga) led by women, in addition to our corporate governance being multi stakeholder and gender equitable. 


In 2022, we’ve been dedicated to understanding our context in terms of racial diversity in order to trace strategies. We’re working to act towards the equalization of our racial composition with the goal of reaching the same proportion as seen in Brazil’s society (approximately 53% black / 47% white). Today we have around 23.7% of the team composed of self-declared black people, and we’re sure we can do more to achieve this goal! 

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